Builders & Boy Scouts

As of July, 2009

Builders and Boy Scouts

Rochester Area Builders, Inc. has been working with the Boy Scouts at Gamehaven Scout Reservation since 2006. What originally began as a 2 year commitment has evolved into an ongoing project. Almost $100,000 in goods and services has been donated to Gamehaven Scout Reservation by RAB and its members.

Over a 4 year time period, much has been completed at the camp. A new concrete slab has been poured for a camp shelter. The basement of the Health Lodge has been converted and finished. A handicap ramp was added to one cabin. Trails and paths have been cleared and excavated. A moat has been constructed around the castle play area and a climbing tower and suspension bridge have been created. The historic barn was reshingled and painted along with many of the other buildings on site. Plus, water balloon launchers have been added to the fantasy play area for even more fun!

More recently, a project was undertaken to build new living quarters for the camp counselors. RAB sponsored the first cabin to be built, and also took part in its construction. Other business have followed suit and sponsored several more cabins to be built.

Campers continue to turn out in droves and enjoy all of the hard work that has been done! A special thank you to the many members of RAB that have made this project possible over the last 4 years!