2011 Community Project

Rochester Area Builders, Inc. and the RAB Remodelers Council have begun renovation on the kitchen of the Rochester Women’s Shelter Transition House.  The project has in part become a reality through a Pepsi Refresh Grant, written by the RAB Remodelers Council.  Tens of thousands of dollars will be donated through labor and materials of RAB members. 

The kitchen remodel is in a home built over 100 years ago.  The historic home has been re-configured to be used as a non-profit, transition home for abused women & children.  The existing home has a very small working kitchen where up to twelve women & their children prepare every meal, every day.

"The goal is to take a very small L-shaped kitchen with room for two people to work side by side, to a working space that winds around & accommodates up to six people,” stated Keri Halberg, Community Outreach Chair for the Remodelers Council. 

Several other smaller projects are in the works as well, in addition to helping the residents learn about simple maintenance tasks around the house.

The Council hopes to have the kitchen remodel completed in early September 2011. 

Halberg went on to say “We hope to just bring them a little closer to feeling like they are at home.”

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