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Rochester Area Builders, Inc., chartered in 1953, is a professional organization of commercial & residential builders, remodelers, developers, and associated businesses dedicated to advancing the building industry in Southeast Minnesota.

We are the trusted voice of the industry, providing leadership, education, networking, and information resources to our members, community, and government officials.

Whether you’re interested in finding a building professional or are looking for networking opportunities and resources as a professional yourself, Rochester Area Builders is your go-to for all of your building and development needs.

Becoming a Member Can Help You Grow Your Business

Becoming a Rochester Area Builders member gives you access to a variety of resources, networking opportunities, education, and events that can help you grow your business! Our members serve on local councils that are dedicated to the diverse areas of the building profession, helping building professionals in our community grow as individuals and together. Our members also receive full membership to the National Association of Home Builders and the Builders Association of Minnesota, which gives you legislative representation, so you can be involved in what’s happening in the industry at the local and national levels. Learn more about how becoming a member can help grow your business!

A Trusted Resource for the Community

Rochester Area Builders isn’t just a great resource for professionals, but we also provide education and resources for community members of Southeastern Minnesota! Whether you’re interested in building a new home, building an addition, or are looking for information as a current homeowner, we’re here to help. With a variety of resources available from your local building experts, you can trust the information and make an informed decision, whatever your home journey looks like. We also offer scholarships, job shadow programs, and other support for students!

Rochester Area Builders is dedicated to serving both building professionals and residents in our community. Interested in our offerings or in becoming a member?

Contact us today at (507) 282-7698.