Government Affairs – Working For You

This department is responsible for monitoring state and local legislative, governmental, and regulatory activities that impact the housing/construction industry and coordinating RAB’s actions and responses.The Government Affairs Consultant and Government Affairs Committee work for RAB membership in the following ways:

The Government Affairs Consultant and Public Relations Committee work for RAB membership in the following ways:

Legislative Advocacy and Political Education

RAB offers effective legislative representation and lobbying at the national, state, and local levels, representing housing/construction industry interests and advocating strong positions on issues which impact you.On your behalf, RAB fights overly restrictive legislation and resolutions which are detrimental to the housing/construction industry and works proactively with government to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.


Your legislative concerns are represented at the local level by RAB, which keeps members updated on issues and local ordinances.RAB Staff along with members regularly meet with local officials to advocate laws affecting the housing/construction industry.


Each year while the Minnesota legislature meets, The Builders Association of Minnesota reviews thousands of proposals and monitors every bill that impacts housing.The association greatly utilizes its legislative arm in St. Paul, which employs a lobbyist to monitor the activities of various state legislative committees and to meet with members of the House and Senate.


Your membership in Rochester Area Builders also includes membership in the National Association of Home Builders, the national advocate for the housing industry. The NAHB legislative staff ranks among the most highly respected lobbying forces in Washington D.C.