September 18-19, 25-26, 2021
11:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Admission is FREE!

The open house weekends are presented with the following caveats:

What is the Fall Showcase of Homes?

It is an opportunity to visit brand new homes that are completely finished along with newer subdivisions. See the newest trends in home building and have the chance to visit with the builder.

All eligible Fall Showcase of Homes entries are separated into divisions by house price and get judged on the first weekend.

We share our first weekend with the Remodelers Tour.

2020 Digital Magazine

The digital magazine is now available. This shows the homes/subdivisions by number, displays the numbers on a map, and gives many details and photos about each one.

** Click here for 2020 Entry List **

2020 Event Map

The map is found on page 38 in the digital magazine.  If you would like to access the map by itself, click * HERE * to see a 4-page file with the entry numbers mapped out.  It covers Rochester, Byron, Pine Island, Zumbrota, Stewartville, and West Concord.

2020 Judging Winners

View the 2020 Winners of the judging.



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