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Rochester Area Builders is accepting membership applications! Members have access to a variety of resources, events, and educational opportunities.
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Membership Options

Builder/Developer Members

Individuals or corporations whose principal business is residential or commercial construction, residential or commercial remodeling, or the development of land.
Dues are $699.00 per year.

Associate Members

Individuals or corporations whose interests are compatible with the building industry.

Dues are $699.00 per year.

Contributory Members

 Application – Contributory

This type of membership shall be open to any individual who is an elected official / employee of a governmental unit, a governmental subdivision, or a governmental agency who is interested in the building industry. This membership shall have no voting rights and may not serve term(s) on the RAB Board of Directors, but will have certain rights and privileges, as may be from time to time determined and stated by the Board of Directors of said Rochester Area Builders, Inc. There are no membership fees for this type of membership.

Why Become a Member?

We are all very proud of Rochester Area Builders and of the countless advantages it affords our members. Membership in the Rochester Area Builders, Inc., is a powerful tool that, when used correctly, can have a positive influence on your business and personal growth once you become involved and learn how to cultivate the many opportunities available to you.

  • Monthly evening meetings that provide timely programs on issues of interest and the chance to network with other members, exchanging thoughts and ideas.
  • The opportunity to host the social hour at a General Membership Meeting. Associate Members can display their products and services during the social hour to prospective clients. Networking Nights are available to host at members’ showrooms at various times throughout the year.
  • Participation in marketing events such as the Spring Showcase of Homes and the Fall Showcase of Homes, along with participation in the Builders Home Show where all members can display products and services available to the consumer. The Remodelers also have the Remodelers Tour to showcase their work.
  • Educational programs, accredited for Builder/Remodeler and occasionally Realtor licensing, are offered at a lower cost than non-members.
  • Involvement in decision making by participating on various committees.
  • A variety of services and support from the staff of Rochester Area Builders.
  • Full membership in the National Association of Home Builders and the Builders Association of Minnesota. These memberships give you legislative representation in what is happening at the local and national level in your industry.
  • Convenience of having the local membership directory with a wealth of information. Our printed directory is only available to members.
  • Potential customer referrals from Rochester Area Builders’ advertising, public relations, and special events.
  • Professional and social environments, such as the golf outing, for networking with other members.
  • The prestige that comes from membership in an association that is actively involved in promoting the building industry.
  • The opportunity to advertise in publications such as the monthly newsletter and multiple events’ magazines.
  • Advertise on the RAB Website with a banner ad, profile enhancements, or job postings.
  • Plan Copies available in black & white or color. Please see flyer.

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