Construction Standards

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Performance Standards apply for the following length of time commencing on date of closing and continuing for:


I. Introduction

The following is intended to acquaint YOU with the Rochester Area Builders, Inc. Performance Standards.  If a defect results in actual physical damage to the home, the performance standards will help to determine the CONTRACTOR’S obligation. NOTE: YOUR new HOME, no matter how carefully it was constructed, will go through a period of setting and drying.  Generally this happens during one cycle of the seasons or one (1) year.  It is normal to expect some wood shrinkage, hairline cracks, or warping.

II. Your Responsibilities

YOUR HOME requires an active maintenance effort on YOUR part.  Various regions of the country have specific maintenance responsibilities. NOTE: Damage caused or made worse by YOUR negligence, improper maintenance, or improper operation is expressly excluded under the Rochester Area Builders, Inc. Performance Standards.

III. In Conjunction With Minnesota Statues

The Rochester Area Builders, Inc. Performance Standards have been adopted in conjunction with Minnesota Statutes Chapter 327A, Housing: Statutory Warranties.  Nothing contained in the performance standards herein is intended to create any greater rights than those found in the Minnesota Housing Warranty Statute and specifically nothing herein shall create a longer length of warranty than is found in that law.

IV. We Act As Mediator Only

The Performance Standards are for the purpose of addressing the complaint between you and your contractor. Rochester Area Builders, Inc. is only acting as a mediator to attempt to resolve any dispute.  Rochester Area Builders, Inc. does not warrant or guarantee any remedial work done by the contractor to complete any mediation agreement.  Rochester Area Builders, Inc. further does not get involved in mediating contractual disputes or matters in which there is any pending litigation, mediation, or arbitration.

The MN Dept of Labor & Industry has more information about the MN State Building Code on their website.

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