Buy New… Buy Now

Convinced that now is the time to buy a house? Then why not get the most for your money and buy a brand new house.

New homes include numerous advantages, such as:

1. Low Maintenance Costs. New homes come with everything new, including appliances, carpeting, and other features. People who buy older homes could find themselves paying for maintenance, repair, and replacement from the day they move in. And most new homes come with siding, windows, and trim that require little maintenance, saving their owners much hassle and expense.

2. Warranties. New homes usually come with a one-year warranty on workmanship and materials, and many home builders offer insurance-backed structural warranties for ten years. New homes also include manufacturers’ warranties on appliances, including air-conditioning and heating systems.

3. Amenities Galore. Today, a brand new home includes built-in appliances; central air-conditioning and heating systems; more electrical and data outlets; built-in vanity and medicine cabinets; whirlpool tubs and more.

4. Energy Efficiency. New homes consume half as much energy as homes built prior to 1980. New homes have better windows, better heating and cooling equipment, better air filtration systems, and better insulation. Energy efficiency benefits the environment, your health, and your wallet.

5. Safety Features. Better heating systems, built-in smoke detectors, better equipped electrical power systems, and better wiring systems all decrease the risk of fire in a new home. And new homes come with features such as safety glass, which reduces the risk of injury.

6. Size. On average, a home built today has 700 more square feet of living space than does one built 20 years ago. They have more windows, more closet space, more spacious garages, larger kitchens, and more bathrooms.

7. Light-enhancing and Spacious Floor Plan Options. New home buyers can choose from hundreds of floor plans to find houses that match their lifestyles. Most modern floor plans are for homes described as “open,” “bright,” and “airy.” Many builders are using designs that bring as much light as possible into the home with strategically placed windows, skylights, and sunspaces.

8. A Choice of Interior and Exterior Finishing. New home buyers can decorate and landscape their homes before moving in. They can choose carpet colors, wallcovering, paint colors, lighting fixtures, trees, shrubbery, etc., to suit their own tastes.

9. Home-Site Selection. Prospective buyers can find a piece of land of their choosing and build a house to suit their needs, providing a level of customization not available from existing homes. You can choose where you want to live and the type of house as well.

10. Character. Today’s new homes are unique and reflect the tastes and style of their purchasers. In time, a new home reflects the character and charm of the family that lives within its walls.

11. Psychological Value. Being the first person to cook in a custom-designed kitchen or the first to use a whirlpool tub is very gratifying. The first owner title just feels good.

Think new homes are too pricey? Think again. Today’s financing options make new homes as affordable as used ones. New home buyers can benefit from

12. Low and Simplified Financing Opportunities. Many home builders assist prospective buyers in finding a broad range of affordable financing options. Builders also help walk buyers through the paperwork.

13. Favorable Pricing. There is a lot of price competition in the new home market, and it is still a buyer’s market. In many areas, the cost of a new home has not significantly increased in the last several years.

14. Value. New homes have a longer life expectancy; therefore, they have higher appraisal and more favorable resale values than older homes.

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