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TV PSA – June 2013
Disaster Fraud Information
Radio PSA – June 2013
Disaster Fraud Information
Radio PSA – October 2012
Radon Information
Radio PSA – August 2012
Use a Lead-Paint Certified Contractor
Radio PSA – April 2012

Remodel it Right
TV PSA – January 2014

Radon Information
TV PSA – November 2013
Winterize Your Home
TV PSA – February 2012
Use a Licenced Builder

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Information on Radon

Information on Disaster Fraud

HERS Index and Rating, by RESNET

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.. State of Minnesota Information
….. Minnesota Department of Commerce (DOC) – 800.657.3978 or 651.296.4026
Minnesota Attorney General’s Office – 800.657.3787 or 651.296.3353
Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry (DOLI)
DOLI – Residential Building Contractor – Consumer Information
DOLI – License Lookup
DOLI – Information about the EPA’s Lead Paint Rule
EPA Lead Certification Minnesota (Getting Certified)
Olmsted County Information
Olmsted County – Building, Mechanical, Plumbing, Well & Septic Fees
City of Rochester Information
City of Rochester – Building Safety
City of Rochester – Building Permits – Citizens Access Portal
Federal Information
Locate EPA Lead-Certified Renovators
A PDF List of RAB/BER Members who are Lead-Certified Renovators
NAHB or BAM Information
National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)
Builders Association of Minnesota (BAM)