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TV Commercials

“They’re Ready for You Now”

Public Service Announcements

TV PSA – June 2013
Disaster Fraud Information
Radio PSA – June 2013
Disaster Fraud Information
Radio PSA – October 2012
Radon Information
Radio PSA – August 2012
Use a Lead-Paint Certified Contractor
Radio PSA – April 2012

Remodel it Right
TV PSA – January 2014

Radon Information
TV PSA – November 2013
Winterize Your Home
TV PSA – February 2012
Use a Licenced Builder

Additional Resources

Information on Radon (External Link)

Other Info on Radon

Information on Disaster Fraud (External Link)

Other Info on Disaster Fraud

HERS Index and Rating, by RESNET (External Link)

Other Info on HERS Index

External Links

.. State of Minnesota Information
….. Minnesota Department of Commerce (DOC) – 800.657.3978 or 651.296.4026
Minnesota Attorney General’s Office – 800.657.3787 or 651.296.3353
Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry (DOLI)
DOLI – Residential Building Contractor – Consumer Information
DOLI – License Lookup
DOLI – Information about the EPA’s Lead Paint Rule
EPA Lead Certification Minnesota (Getting Certified)
Olmsted County Information
Olmsted County – Building, Mechanical, Plumbing, Well & Septic Fees
City of Rochester Information
City of Rochester – Building Safety
City of Rochester – Building Permits – Citizens Access Portal
Federal Information
Locate EPA Lead-Certified Renovators
A PDF List of RAB/BER Members who are Lead-Certified Renovators
NAHB or BAM Information
National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)
Builders Association of Minnesota (BAM)