Why Hire a Member

If you are in the market for a new home, you should shop for your builder as carefully as you shop for your home.  The best professionals tend to join their industry associations. They seek opportunities to learn as much as they can about their industry and to stay on top of current events and issues, as well as to participate in industry-specific training and networking with their peers. They join to give back to their industry and communities by participating in volunteer service efforts. They also work to shape legislative and regulatory policies that support the housing industry. They find all this, and more, through their membership in Rochester Area Builders, Inc.  By choosing a member of Rochester Area Builders, Inc, you gain all these benefits with the added benefit of a dispute resolution process.

When you work with a member of our Association, you can be assured that the company is:

  • Licensed
  • Insured
  • Compliant with our code of ethics

Builders and Beyond

Of course, the Rochester Area Builders includes many fantastic builders. However, you’ll also find a wide range of other related businesses, including suppliers, subcontractors, bankers, attorneys, realtors, architects, engineers, and more. To learn more or meet them in person, we host a variety of events open to the public, including:

Community Connections

Our members are involved in the following projects:

  • Community service projects, including Once Upon a Playhouse, Litter Bit Better, Kitchens for Kids, and many more
  • Two major annual fundraisers, including Builders, Bags & Brews and Studs, Struts & Stilettos
  • Involvement with area youth through our Job Shadow and Speak to Schools program, Scholarship Awards, Mentorship, and After School Program: Playground to Playhouse

Interested in hiring a member? Search for a member here.