How To Choose A Builder

You will want to choose a professional home builder because:

• Building professionals believe that homes should be well-designed, well-constructed, and well-located, with accessible educational, recreational, religious, and shopping facilities.

• Building professionals have a strong responsibility to their customers and to their community.

• Building professionals have honesty as their guiding business policy and believe in dealing fairly with their customers, employees, and suppliers.

• Building professionals try to build high standards of health and safety into every home.

• Building professionals recieve continuing education every year on the newest building techniques, assuring you the best possible quality of construction.

How to find that professional builder:

• Check to see if the contractor belongs to a builders association –

Becoming a dues-paying members of such a group usually means that a builder is an established member of the community. Associations care about the image of their industry, so builders who belong will have a greater incentive to conduct business in a professional manner.

• Choose a builder with whom you feel comfortable –

You will be in frequent communication with your builder during the construction process and after you move into your home. You must find someone you can talk to comfortably about the building process.

• Talk to 3-4 recent customers of the builders you are considering –

Try to visit some of the previous homes and ask the residents about their experiences. Don’t be shy about approaching people. In most cases, they will be quite open with you. If they are unhappy, they will let you know, and if they are happy, they will want to give the builder more business!

Why Hire a Member of Rochester Area Builders?

When you work with a member of our Association you can be assured that the company is:

• Licensed as necessary with the state of Minnesota

• Insured

• Compliant with our Code of Ethics

Our Association will also help you resolve disputes if they should occur as you work with our members.

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